Key Personnel

Richard W. Cavanagh, CPA 
Lab Manager 
Rick Cavanagh has been the Lab Manager for Terrapin Testing since January 1998. He provides the quality assurance and inspection functions related to the manufacture of building components, including sandwich panels. He also supervises and performs extensive physical testing associated with product approvals. Rick has been involved with the sandwich panel business since the 1970s when he was a laminator, and later during the 1980s when he was a lab technician performing panel testing. His education and business experience provide ample foundation for the Lab’s day-to-day operations.

Terence J. Cavanagh, S.E. 
Technical Manager 
Terence J. Cavanagh is the Technical Manager for Terrapin Testing. Terry received his structural engineering license in the mid-1980s and provides an invaluable source of engineering knowledge for the ever-changing aspects of the pre-fabricated components and photovoltaic industries.

Terry has been exposed to the sandwich panel industry since the mid-1970s when he worked on a laminating line for National Panel Wall. His experience over the years provides a foundation for interpreting test results, providing useful engineering advice for products, and recommending product improvements.

Terry was instrumental in assisting and guiding a solar parts manufacturer through an ESR product review process that resulted in the first ESR for photovoltaic support systems.

Terry also sits on the engineering task group for the Aluminum Association, and regularly attends code hearings.

His many functions in the company include expanding the scope of testing to meet the demands of the industry; staying current with recent code changes; and advising those in the industry regarding the structural effects of manufactured products and pertinent code sections. Terry has worked with numerous clients to obtain code approval for sandwich panels, photovoltaic structures, patio rooms, and adhesives.

Andria D. Prior 
CADD Operator 
Andria Prior is Terrapin Testing’s lead CADD operator. She has applied her experience as a CADD operator for engineering firms since 1999. Her expertise includes structural, civil, electrical, and instrumentation drawings for a wide variety of clients. Using AutoCAD, Andria prides herself on her ability to conform to client standards while meeting deadlines and budget.

Bee Vue 
Lab technician/CADD operator 
Bee Vue is Terrapin Testing’s Lab technician and CADD operator. Bee works closely with the Technical Manager to define and draw test configurations. Following these figures, and other relevant guidance, we insure that your testing complies with agreed-upon requirements and protocols.

Jennifer D. Farmer 
Administrative Assistant 
Jennifer Farmer manages our Rancho Cordova office, providing expert administrative services. Jennifer handles all of the Lab’s communication and correspondence, allowing others to focus on what they do best. She is the first person you encounter when communicating with us and is the last person who makes sure your experience is outstanding.