Terrapin Testing has a 5,000-square-foot laboratory equipped with the state of the art testing equipment necessary to complete the testing under the guidelines of the criteria set forth under our scope.

Transverse Load Test Rack

The Transverse Load Test rack is used to evaluate the bending and shear strengths of sandwich panel constructions. We have racks to simultaneously evaluate long-span and short-span conditions.

UTM with Test Oven

The Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is typically used for small-scale testing of metals, adhesive bonds, and mechanical connections. When used in conjunction with the Test Oven, the UTM allows us to evaluate these components at elevated temperatures.

Axial Rack

The 24-foot axial rack allows us to evaluate the axial strength of taller wall systems (up to 23 feet tall). These wall systems are typically used on two-story structures.

Environmental Chamber

The environmental chamber is used for subjecting test specimens to accelerated aging conditions, e.g. freeze/thaw cycles. The aged specimens may then be compared to control specimens. The chamber allows for a wide variety of climatic parameters and typically runs 24/7 during conditioning.